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7 Safety Measures to Take to Ensure Your Business Is as Safe as Possible

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Opening a business can be exciting, but it is important to make sure that the building you use is properly renovated to suit the needs of your new business. Many people do not realize the extensive remodeling that needs to be done to a building when they want to use it as a business. Use the guide below to learn how to properly transform any building into a safe business.

1. Learn What the Building Codes Are for the Area

Take the time to find out the building and safety codes for the area where your building is located. You need to be sure to know the maximum occupancy for your building, where the fire exits need to be located, and what restrictions there are on the location of a store room, bathroom, dressing room or any other room your business may need.

2. Have Fire Exits Created in the Building

Ample fire exits are essential in any business to ensure patrons can escape a fire. Have fire exits created at the designated areas of the building and have ample exit lighting installed so that the exits are easily identifiable. Be sure to choose lighting that uses batteries as backup power sources so the lights work even when the power goes out.

3. Have Exit Strategies Established

Take the time to have exit strategies established to ensure that everyone knows what exit to go to in the event of an emergency. Have maps created and hung throughout the building so that patrons can easily find them during an emergency situation. This ensures people can know how to get out of the building as quickly as they can.

4. Have a Sprinkler System Installed

A sprinkler system can limit the damage that is caused by a fire by putting out a fire as soon as it is detected. Have a sprinkler system installed throughout the entire building to keep your building and customers safe.

5. Have Ample Fire Alarms Installed

Have fire alarms installed throughout the building. Choose fire alarms that can connect with one another remotely so that they all sound off at the same time if one detects that a fire has started.

Have hardwired fire alarms installed so that they only rely on a battery source when the power goes off. This will decrease how often the batteries need to be changed in the fire alarms.

6. Have Fire Extinguishers Strategically Placed

You must have a specific number of fire extinguishers within the business based on the maximum number of people that can be in the business at a time. Have the fire extinguishers secured to the walls so that the extinguisher won’t easily fall off the wall if someone runs into it.

Have your fire extinguisher checked regularly because they do expire over time and will need to be replaced.

7. Have Your Staff Properly Trained

Take the time to have professionals train your staff on what to do if a fire or other emergency occurs. Your staff needs to know how to operate a fire extinguisher properly and how to guide patrons to safety. If your employees are properly trained they will have the confidence needed during an emergency, and have a better chance of evacuating the building safely.

Taking these steps could save someone's life and your business in an emergency situation. If you need to have all of these safety measures incorporated into your business, contact Secure Fire & Safety LLC. Their professionals can handle all of your installation needs to ensure that your business is as safe as it can be at all times. They’ll even train your employees.

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