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Training & Education

Training and Education

Annually in the United States, there are over 1.8 million fires in the workplace and at home. These fires result in over 4,000 fatalities, 23,000 injuries and cause over $9 billion in property damage, not counting indirect losses such as business interruption. Even the best fire safety plan and equipment will not be effective unless your employees know how to respond in an emergency. Employer-sponsored training provides a safer workplace due to employees being more knowledgeable and confident in dealing with fire hazards. Both losses as well as downtime can be reduced or eliminated.


One highly important benefit is that our fire safety and training program will satisfy your OSHA requirements for annual training for incipient fire training (CFR Section 1910.157G). Another important benefit is that your employees gain an appreciation for basic fire safety concepts, emergency preparedness, how to react in a fire, the protection equipment available in your workplace, and how to use the equipment to minimize loss. You'll create a safer workplace, and your employees will gain important knowledge to keep them and others safer at work and at home. As an added benefit, we will also allow your staff to purchase top-quality safety equipment to help protect their families and property at home.

Getting Started

All it takes is a simple phone call to our office or an email (contact us). We provide a complete turnkey operation, including an experienced instructor, literature, videos, props, tests, and certificates of completion. You only need to provide a training room or suitable area, and we will do the rest.

Please give our professionals a call at (414) 257-4222, or use our contact form to email us your area of interest, and we will contact you directly.

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