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Fire Extinguishers & Hoses

Fire Extinguishers & Hoses

Fire extinguishers and hoses are the foundation for every effective fire protection solution. As such, there are a variety of local, state and national codes that require all commercial, industrial, institutional, and multifamily residential facilities to have appropriate portable fire extinguishers installed and properly maintained.

The following National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) publications serve as the basis for detailing minimum requirements:

  • NFPA 10 – Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers

  • NFPA 1962 – Care, Use and Testing of Fire Hose

The five basic requirements for compliance are:

  1. Providing Appropriate Equipment

  2. Monthly Inspections

  3. Annual Maintenance

  4. Record Keeping

  5. Training and Education

Providing Appropriate Equipment

A facility owner is required to provide accessible areas appropriate for fire extinguishers that are clearly identified. Secure Fire & Safety will assist in analyzing the hazards within a facility and selecting appropriate types, sizes, and locations for each fire extinguisher and hose.

Monthly Inspection

A facility owner is required to ensure that a visual inspection of all fire extinguishers is conducted at least monthly. This inspection is intended to give reasonable assurance that each fire extinguisher is available for use, is fully charged, and is operable.

Annual Maintenance

All fire extinguishers must be maintained at least annually per code requirements and manufacturers’ standards. This includes a thorough examination of the 3 basic elements of an extinguisher:

  • Mechanical parts

  • Extinguishing agent

  • Expelling means

At prescribed intervals, a more thorough examination is required, and all extinguishers must be emptied and subjected to maintenance procedures to ensure the integrity of the internal parts and surfaces as well as to verify the strength of the cylinder against rupture.

Record Keeping

Current and accurate records must be kept relating to all inspection and maintenance activity. Secure Fire & Safety will ensure that all extinguishers and hoses carry proper documentation upon completion of any work.

Training and Education

Properly maintained safety equipment is only part of the overall fire protection solution. For equipment to be effective, it must be in the hands of people who are properly trained in its use. Secure Fire & Safety will develop and administer a customized program for your employees that will meet OSHA requirements and provide peace of mind in an emergency.

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