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3 Fire Safety Myths You Should Ignore for Your Business

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

The internet has its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, it's a portal to a seemingly endless amount of information. However, not all of this information is accurate. In terms of commercial fire safety, there are a variety of myths and misconceptions. Acting on these myths can put the protection of your business at risk and open the door to additional concerns. Here's the truth behind three common fire safety myths.

1. New Buildings Are Safer

It's important to understand that there is no construction method that is completely fireproof. Fire protection techniques have improved over the last several decades, but they have not progressed to the point of eliminating all risks.

Don't let your guard down and assume that your building is not at risk just because it's a newer construction. Fires often have less to do with the condition of the building and more to do with the actions of those who inhabit it. The safety of a building is best measured by the condition and design of its fire protection systems, including fire extinguishers, fire alarms and suppression systems.

If a brand-new building has a poorly planned or outdated protection system, then it is actually less safe than an older building with a better planned safety system. As long as the building is up to code, it's not the age of your building that matters - it's the fire protection system you have in place.

2. Sprinklers Cause Significant Damage

Some building owners omit sprinkler systems from their protection design for fear of damage the sprinklers may cause, but don't get sidetracked by this idea. Sprinklers may leave behind some level of water damage, but a massive fire will result in more extensive losses.

The average restaurant fire costs around $32,000, and a retail property fire averages around $44,000. Sprinkler systems can reduce property loss by as much as 70 percent. For the average business, sprinklers could be the difference between tens of thousands of dollars in damage expenses.

When significant damage occurs, a business is more likely to have to close for repairs, which can create a financial catastrophe for most companies. Sprinkler systems could be the difference between closing for a few days and closing for a few weeks. Sprinklers don't cause more damage - they help prevent damage.

3. Fire Alarms Are All You Need

Fire safety should always be approached from a multilayer stance. Fire alarms are an integral part of fire protection, but they are just one part of a much larger system. In addition to a fire alarm, an efficient safety design should include other components, like sprinkler systems and suppression systems.

If you rely solely on a fire alarm, you are making a mistake. It's important to note that the layout of your building and the type of business you operate determine what kind of additional systems you need, as an industrial facility will have different fire concerns than an office building.

In addition to a variety of protection systems, it's equally important to educate all staff members on how to avoid fires, how to operate equipment like fire extinguishers and how to safely evacuate the building in the event of a fire. This combination of systems and training is what you need for real protection.

The trusted team at Secure Fire & Safety LLC includes more than just installation technicians. Our professional team also has vast experience with fire safety technology and fire prevention tips that can keep your business, employees and customers well protected. Don't let a myth create an unnecessary hazard. Let our team help protect your business.

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honeywell buildings
08 Haz 2021

I just wanted to know how to get rid of this as I am going to plan a business, a restaurant business in which I just want the best security and emergency lighting system, fire emergency lighting, after visiting your blog I have known a lot of things that will gonna surely help me out.

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