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Providing Cost-Effective Fire Safety Solutions

Secure Fire & Safety, LLC has been ensuring compliance by providing fire safety management solutions to Southeastern, Central, and Northeastern Wisconsin.

Our Services

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Secure Fire Service You Can Count On!

Secure Fire and Safety's experts have over 100 years of experience protecting people and property while providing peace of mind to a wide variety of customers throughout Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. Whether you require annual maintenance, appropriate equipment, compliance with codes or record keeping—you can trust our technicians will deliver.

Our specialists take pride in offering solutions for your fire protection needs and compliance concerns. When it comes to fire protection, it is our mission to provide you with fire safety and protection. Secure Fire and Safety's customers have come to expect services that exceed their expectations!

Please give our professionals a call at (414) 257-4222, or use our contact form to email us your area of interest, and we will contact you directly.

Don't let fire safety bust your budget!

Secure Fire & Safety is sensitive to your expense budgets! We recognize that there is an ongoing need to trim costs while maintaining your compliance with local, state and federal codes and standards.

Call us today at (414) 257-4222 or simply fill out form and we will take it from there. Secure Fire & Safety will ensure your compliance and provide you with a cost-effective solution in place when an emergency occurs!

To learn more about Secure Fire & Safety's special service offer, please check the appropriate box or boxes from the information provided below, and we will contact you directly. Thank you!


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